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How about the effect of seamless calcium wire

2021-06-26 11:34:23

  Environmental protection is a long-term solution,in the steel industry to achieve sustainable development of the environment,the future will enter green manufacturing,manufacturing green new era normal,seamless calcium line auxiliary materials to promote steel industry to get rid of the"heavy pollution"hat,win new opportunities in the development of steel.

Seamless calcium wire

  The implementation of the new environmental law puts forward higher requirements on the iron and steel industry,more strict standards,through increased investment in the iron and steel industry,to promote technology upgrading and comprehensive promotion application,energy conservation and emissions reduction achieved significant progress,comprehensive energy consumption of per ton steel dropped year by year,tons of main pollutant emissions reduced year by year,China's iron and steel industry energy consumption and air pollutants emissions into the decline stage.

Seamless calcium wire

  1.Denatured treatment of inclusion:Al2O3 becomes Cao-al2o3 or Cao-Al2o3-CAS;The CaS becomes cao-Al2o3-CAS.Seamless calcium wire can effectively change the fluidity of molten steel.Save the use of alloy and other deoxidation,desulfurization,save smelting cost.

  2.The inclusions in molten steel are related to the amount,time and speed of adding calcium.

  3.The treatment effect of calcium on molten steel and the process principle and effect of composite pure calcium line.Calcium is added into molten steel and part of it is dissolved into liquid steel,becoming dissolved calcium in steel;

  4.Part of seamless pure calcium line evaporates in the form of steam;Some of them react with Al2O3 inclusions or S in steel to form impurities,which float up into slag during refining and continuous casting after the treatment,and the residual part remains in steel as inclusions.

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