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Seamless calcium line for what aspects

2021-06-26 11:47:20

  Seamless calcium wire is suitable for steelmaking,which can purify molten steel,change impurity form,improve castability and mechanical properties of molten steel,and significantly improve calcium absorption rate,reduce steelmaking cost,with remarkable economic effect.

Seamless calcium wire

  First,in the appearance of the conventional calcium metal line is buckle mechanical pressing.The calcium metal wire currently used is seamless and has the appearance of a seamless steel tube.

  Second,in terms of internal structure,the outer skin of conventional calcium wire is wrapped with ordinary carbon steel.The content of calcium metal wire is about 80%,and there are gaps inside after wrapping.Seamless calcium wire covered with paper carbon steel 08Al,carbon content≤0.05%,metal calcium wire content 98%(no clearance).

  So the traditional calcium line after a space inside,the air will reduce a lot of calcium,affect the production of liquid steel,yield 12%,calcium seamless line without this kind of phenomenon,masteel test conclusion three yield of 37%,use the normal line of stitching,calcium buckle,leather is ordinary carbon steel,in the use of prone to feed line,line card phenomenon,There is no such phenomenon after seamless calcium wire is treated with chlorosis.

Seamless calcium wire

  Seamless calcium wire is a solution for adding calcium into molten steel.It is a kind of solid calcium cored welding wire,through the original factory professional manufacturing process.Therefore,the solid calcium in seamless steel strip can be deep into molten steel through ordinary wire feeding equipment,establishing the industry standard of basic characteristics of calcium metallurgy,reliable and repeatable.Melting point is 850℃,boiling point is 1480℃,density is 1.55g/cm3,melting point is close to zero in molten steel,has a great affinity for oxygen.Liquid calcium can dissolve Al2O3 inclusions.

  Al2O3 is treated with molten steel and calcium to form large liquid inclusions,which float easily.The nozzle blockage caused by high Al2O3 content in liquid steel is reduced and the pouring capacity of liquid steel is improved.After treated with calcium,the Al2O3 inclusions remain spherical and their properties are improved after rolling.

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