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How to use seamless calcium wire to achieve good results

2021-06-26 02:35:50

  Since its establishment,Anyang Tiefa Metallurgical refractory material Co.,Ltd.has developed and produced high calcium core wire,seamless calcium core wire,pure calcium core wire and other products,and established long-term cooperative relations with major domestic steel mills.Take the lead in developing solid calcium metal core wire,constantly improve the production process,positive research and development attitude and long-term continuous innovation ability.

Seamless calcium wire

  Seamless calcium line plays a great role in steelmaking and cast iron,has become an essential part,first of all,from the speed,improper feeding speed,calcium absorption rate is low,calcium is evaporated,adding speed is appropriate,absorption rate changes,calcium evaporation is less:

  Metallurgical characteristics of calcium:basic characteristics:melting point 850℃,boiling point 1480℃,density 1.55g/cm3,melting point close to zero in molten steel,has a large affinity for oxygen,liquid calcium can dissolve Al2O3 inclusions;After treated with molten steel and calcium,Al2O3 forms large liquid inclusions and is easy to float.The nozzle blockage caused by high Al2O3 content in liquid steel is reduced and the pouring capacity of liquid steel is improved.After treated with calcium,the Al2O3 inclusions remain spherical and their properties are improved after rolling.

Seamless calcium wire

  Seamless pure calcium line time:after the calcium line was given,the sample was taken immediately,and the impurities in the steel changed significantly.Most of them were CaO-Al2o3-Ca inclusions,with small size and nearly spherical shape,but not completely global.

  Calcium is by far a very strong deoxidizer in steelmaking.Calcium has unique chemical bonding ability with dissolved oxygen and total oxygen in non-metallic inclusions in molten steel.Calcium treatment can improve the grain size of steel,and is a very effective means of desulfurization,deoxidation,fine tuning of alloy and control of inclusions in steel,especially in improving the pouring capacity of aluminum-killed steel.

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