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Talk about the production background of silicon carbon alloy

2021-07-08 02:48:16

  I-c alloy is a new type of alloy used in converter.Commonly referred to as silicon carbon alloy,or high carbon silicon.It can replace ferrosilicon,silicon carbide and carburizing agent and reduce the amount of deoxidizing agent.It can be used in converter smelting deoxidizing alloying process with stable effect.The chemical composition,mechanical properties and internal control quality of steel are better than the traditional process.Its characteristics:improve the quality of molten steel,improve the quality of products,improve the new energy of products,reduce the amount of alloy,reduce the cost of steelmaking,increase economic benefits.

Si carbon alloy

  Generation background:For a long time,the converter alloy has not been adjusted,the traditional alloy variety structure is relatively simple,that is,Q195,Q235 steel using Mnsi+FeSi+SiAiCaBa+Sic+carburizer process,HRB335,HRB400 steel using Mnsi+FeSi+AiSi+carburizer production process.As for the traditional silicon-manganese alloy,the resource of ferrosilicon is increasingly tight,and the market price is rising all the way,which gradually increases the cost of steelmaking in the converter and reduces the profit space of steel.Moreover,the recovery rate of the traditional alloy is greatly affected by the operation of the converter,and the amount of steel output,terminal temperature and slag make the alloy composition in the finished product fluctuate greatly.The chemical composition of smelting steel is unstable and the qualified rate of finished product is low.

Si carbon alloy

  Origin:because silicon carbon alloy is a new type of alloy,the production of silicon carbon alloy manufacturers are not many,mainly in Anyang,Henan province.

  Prospects:it can be seen from the use of silicon carbide alloy in the replacement of some alloys have great advantages,steel demand for silicon carbide alloy is also in large,so silicon carbide alloy prospects.

  The above mentioned here,want to know more about the wholesale of silicon carbide alloy related information can contact us at any time!

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