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The following conditions should be paid attention to in the production of silicon - calcium wire

2021-06-26 11:42:34

  Calcium-silicon wire is a kind of cored wire composed of calcium-silicon powder and other substances.Its use has brought convenience to people's life to a great extent,and it is a very practical thing.In production,there are also a lot of places to pay attention to,let's get to know it together.

Calcium-silicon wire

  The types of silicon-calcium wires used in different environments are also different.It can greatly reduce the entry of other impurities,but also improve the purity of liquid steel,improve the efficiency of steel smelting,very practical.When it reacts with molten steel,the reaction of si-ca line is very intense.When feeding calcium,pay attention to its speed and depth.Because calcium evaporates,it should be fed relatively deep so that evaporation is not so severe that the length of the product will not meet the requirements.In addition,when feeding,the speed can be appropriately accelerated,so that the calcium-silicon line can penetrate the slag layer faster,improve the utilization rate of calcium,and get higher quality products.

Calcium-silicon wire

  First of all,we need to understand that si-ca powder is a product generated by further processing of si-Ca alloy.Therefore,si-Ca powder inherits the advantages of si-Ca alloy and has good oxidation.

  Calcium silicate powder can be used in liquid steel,through deoxidation of impurities in the liquid steel reaction,and then rise to the surface of the liquid steel,in the subsequent smelting process,can be easily discharged.

  The use of calcium silicate powder can not only improve the plasticity of steel,but also reduce the bubbles on the finished steel.In addition to these advantages can also improve the quality of the steel we produce,reduce the scrap rate of steel products.

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