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What effect can be achieved by adding seamless calcium wire in steelmaking process

2021-06-26 11:42:24

  Pure calcium core-clad wire and other products,and the domestic major steel mills to establish long-term cooperation.We take the lead in the research and development of solid calcium metal cored wire,and constantly improve the production process.Our positive research and development attitude and long-term innovation ability promote us to keep the advantage.

Cored wire

  Seamless calcium line plays a great role in steelmaking and cast iron,has become an essential part,so it is widely used,it is known that at the appropriate time to add seamless calcium line will achieve good results,so what is the effect?

seamless calcium wire

  1.Treatment effect of calcium on molten steel and process principle and effect of composite pure calcium wire.Calcium is added into molten steel and part of it dissolves into molten steel,becoming dissolved calcium in steel;

  2.Part of seamless pure calcium line evaporates in the form of steam;Some of them react with Al2O3 inclusions or S in steel to form impurities,which float up into slag during refining and continuous casting after the treatment,and the residual part remains in steel as inclusions.

  3.Denatured treatment of inclusion:Al2O3 becomes Cao-al2o3 or CaO-Al2o3-CAS;The CaS becomes cao-Al2o3-CAS.Seamless pure calcium wire can effectively change the fluidity of molten steel.Save the use of alloy and other deoxidation,desulfurization,save smelting cost.

  Seamless calcium line is already essential in steelmaking,the effect is naturally needless to say,there are other needs can be contacted at any time Anyang Tiefa Metallurgical Refractory Material Co.,LTD.

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