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Which of the four cored wire production processes do you use?

2021-09-22 08:53:22

  Iron and steel smelting commonly used cored wire to the majority of round.In addition,core-wrapped wire has square,rectangular and other styles,its main production process has four kinds:namely,single layer steel belt lap type,double layer steel belt lap type,steel belt welding sealing,steel belt folding sealing,the following bread core wire manufacturers are introduced to you.

Core-wrapped wire manufacturers

  1.Single layer strip lap type.During production,the powder is loaded into the pre-processed U-shaped steel strip,and then the two sides of the steel strip are lap together at the top of the U-shape with a mold.The powder is then encased in the steel belt.The cores are then compacted with a finishing die.

  2.Double layer strip lap type.This method is the same as the above except that the steel belt is coated with two layers.This type of core wire is used less often.

  3.Steel belt welding seal.During production,the powder is loaded into a pre-processed U-shaped steel strip.The powder-filled steel strip is then closed into a tube and the joints are twisted and pressed.

  4.Steel belt folding seal.The process is to fill the powder in a pre-processed U-shaped steel strip.The ends are then folded and twisted together by rolling.Finish the cored wire with a die.This method is commonly used in production.

  Carbon cored wire is made of toner and steel strip.Carbon content includes calcined coal,calcined petroleum coke,graphitized petroleum coke and other carbon materials.Also known as solid steel-making cored wire or pure steel-making cored wire,sometimes also known as the abbreviation of C core wire.

Core-wrapped wire manufacturers

  Diameter is 13mm±0.5mm,carbon purity is 90%,95%to 98%.Custom specifications are also acceptable.The thickness of steel strip(strip)is 0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6mm.The core wire machine produced by our new technology is tightly packed without spillage or leakage.Filled with uniform toner and packed in waterproof plastic and steel frame.Absorptivity is greater than 90%and moisture is less than 0.5%.It can significantly reduce product cost and prolong durability.Easy to operate using conventional wire feeding equipment.

  Core-wrapped wire type is much,can be processed according to actual need,have silicon calcium core-wrapped wire,calcium iron core-wrapped wire,carbon core-wrapped wire commonly,quality assurance,short delivery cycle,reasonable price.

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