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Silicon aluminum barium calcium

Silicon aluminum barium calcium

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  • release date:2021-11-03 17:19:42
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Silicon aluminum barium calcium is a Compound Deoxidizer and desulfurizer for steelmaking. It is suitable for deoxidation of various steelmaking forms, especially for converter steelmaking.

① It can reduce the oxygen content in the steel to extremely low, form complex inclusions containing calcium, barium and aluminum, float up from the steel, purify the liquid steel, and improve the impact toughness and processability of the steel.

② The solubility in molten steel is small, but it can dissolve calcium and reduce calcium vapor pressure, and improve the role of calcium in deoxidation and non-metallic inclusion treatment.

③ Improve the flow performance of molten steel, solve the problem of nozzle nodulation, improve the quality of steel and reduce the cost;


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