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Solid core pure calcium wire

Solid core pure calcium wire

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  • release date:2021-11-05 17:31:04
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The solid core pure calcium wire is wrapped by the outer steel strip and the inner calcium wire. After the molten steel refining, it is fed into the molten steel by the wire feeder with a feeding speed of 60-120 M / s and a feeding amount of 0.8-1.5 M / T; Suitable for calcium treatment of molten steel refining;

① The calcium treatment process will not bring in other oxides existing in the powder line to pollute the molten steel;

② It has high-density mandrel, easy quality detection, smaller core surface area, so that it has a longer storage life, and can reduce the calcium oxide inclusions polluting the molten steel to a lower level;

③ More uniform calcium content per meter and higher and more stable active calcium content to ensure more stable calcium treatment effect;

④ Thicker outer steel shell and high-density pure calcium mandrel can feed calcium to the deeper part of molten steel and fully react below the critical depth, so as to achieve higher calcium recovery;


Solid core pure calcium wire

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