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How to use cored wire correctly

2021-09-25 05:23:25

  Most people probably don't know what core-wrapped wires are because they are not common in life.It is made of strip steel wrapped in a strip of alloy powder.It can be divided into different alloy powder:silicon calcium cored wire,silicon manganese calcium cored wire,silicon calcium barium cored wire,barium aluminum cored wire,aluminum calcium cored wire,calcium iron cored wire,pure calcium cored wire and so on.Windings are similar in appearance to coils,unlike core wires used in the textile industry.

Bundle conductor

  We should apply core-wrapped wire reasonably to achieve good deoxidation efficiency and improve the quality of steel.Of course,through the development of recent years,the kind of core-wrapped wire is also developing to the direction of diversification.Users can select and apply different types of cored wires according to different production requirements.So,in order to get good application effect when using cored wire,how to use cored wire correctly?

  First,adjust the feeding speed reasonably

  The absorption rate of Ca was greatly affected by feeding speed.Too fast or too slow will result in decreased absorption.When the core-cored wire is fed to a certain depth,it will begin to melt.Depth should ensure that molten and dispersed calcium bubbles are greatly affected.The static pressure of molten steel causes it to be completely consumed before rising to the height of molten steel.Proper feed rate can increase calcium recovery.If the speed is too fast,on the one hand,the steel will be locally generated by a large amount of calcium vapor caused by the liquid agitation,a large amount of calcium vapor directly volatilized into the air.Calcium vapors,on the other hand,are too late to dissolve and float in large quantities,reducing its yield.Conversely,if the speed is too slow,the cored wire will not feed deep enough and will not dissolve completely.It floats to the level of molten steel before it is wasted.

  Two,the correct choice of feeding position

  The feed position of cored wire also has great influence on calcium recovery.The feed point of solid pure calcium wire should be selected in the center of downward flow of molten steel,and as far as possible away from the bright ring of argon blowing,in order to make Ca enter gaseous or liquid state.Under the action of downward flow,the residence time of cored wire in molten steel is prolonged and it is completely absorbed by molten steel.

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