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Types and uses of cored wires

2021-09-26 09:48:13

  Core-clad wire is made of steel tape coated with alloy powder.According to the different alloy powder,can be divided into:silicon calcium core wire,silicon manganese calcium wire,silicon calcium barium wire,barium aluminum wire,aluminum calcium wire,calcium iron wire,pure calcium wire.Windings look like coils.

Bundle conductor

  Cored wire can be added more efficiently to molten steel or iron during steelmaking or casting.Cored wires can be inserted into desired locations by professional wire feeding equipment.When the core skin melts,the cored wire can be completely dissolved in the ideal position and have chemical reaction,effectively avoid the reaction with air and slag,improve the absorption rate of the smelting material.Core-clad wire is widely used as deoxidizer,desulfurizer,alloy additive,and can change the inclusion in molten steel.Physical form effectively improves the quality of steelmaking and casting products.

  Spherical cored wire is the product of strip steel wrapped with strip alloy powder.Because the coating powder is different,it can be divided into different uses.Steel-making cored wire is usually used as deoxidizer,desulfurizer or carbon additive,such as CaSi cored wire can be used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer in steelmaking agent.Carbon ball-cored wire can be used as carbon additive in steelmaking and casting.FeSiMg cored wire can be used as nodulation agent in castings.

Core-wrapped wire manufacturers

  The general data for steel-making core-clad wire is the weight of strip steel per meter and the weight of powder per meter.The thickness of ball core-clad wire is usually 0.6mm,and the weight of the strip is always 170g/m,different alloy will have different data.For example,CaSi6030 and CaSi5528 core wires weigh 230g/m,while CaFe core wires weigh 215g/mm and carbon core wires weigh about 150g/m.

  It should be noted that one type of steel-making spherical cored wire is a solid calcium-core charge wire.The solid calcium core wire is made of pure calcium wire wrapped in strip steel.Since pure calcium wire reacts easily with oxygen,it will be easily recovered by wrapping it with steel tape.

  When spheroidized cored wire is used in steelmaking or casting,the smelting raw material can be placed in the ideal position of molten steel,which can prevent the reaction of wrapped powder with air or slag and improve the absorption rate of smelting material.

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