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Manufacturers for everyone to popularize seamless calcium line is what

2021-09-28 10:17:23

  See a few words of seamless calcium line,is everybody quite strange,do not quite know what thing this is?Today,manufacturers will give you some knowledge about seamless calcium line!Seamless pure calcium line technology is a smelting process in smelting process,and this technology can be through the metal calcium for inclusion in the degeneration of clean steel processing.

Manufacturers for everyone to popularize seamless calcium line is what

       change the molten steel composition.Seamless calcium wire technology can improve the calcium absorption in the process of steelmaking,reduce the cost of calcium feeding line,better suitable for smelting fine steel product Al2O3 and calcium in liquid steel after forming aniseed inclusion,easier to float up.The seamless calcium wire technology can reduce the nozzle blockage caused by too much Al2O3 in molten steel and improve the castability of molten steel.

Calcium grain

  The treatment effect of calcium on molten steel and the process principle and effect of composite pure calcium wire.Calcium is added into molten steel and part of it dissolves into molten steel,becoming dissolved calcium in steel.Part of seamless pure calcium line evaporates in the form of steam;Some of them react with Al2O3 inclusions or S in steel to form impurities,which float up into slag during refining and continuous casting after the treatment,and the residual part remains in steel as inclusions.

  The company's main products are high calcium core-wrapped wire,seamless calcium wire,pure calcium core-wrapped wire and other products,and a number of large domestic steel mills to establish a long-term cooperative relationship,we continue to improve the production process,research and development attitude and continuous innovation ability,by the new and old customers praise!

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