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Advantages and disadvantages of using spheroidized cored wire

2021-09-27 10:36:25

  Background of production of spheroidized core-cored wire:The spheroidizing method is to place the spheroidizing agent at the bottom of the bag.When the iron is tapped,the spheroidizing agent melts into a ball at the temperature of molten iron.Typically,a magnesium content of 7-9%will take 2-3 minutes of de-spheroidization decay time,and it is also a cooling process during spheroidization.The temperature of drawing steel should be increased by 50-100℃.Because of long-term high temperature steel drawing,not only increase the power consumption,but also shorten the service life of furnace lining.

Advantages and disadvantages of using spheroidized cored wire

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  Compared with traditional spheroidizing agent,spheroidized core-coated wire has its unique advantages and disadvantages.


  1,the cost of spheroidized core-coated wire is 10%lower than the cost of spheroidizing agent.A coil of spheroidized cored wire(2400 m)takes about 24 m to handle 1 ton.A roll can hold 100 tons of molten iron.One ton of spheroidizing agent can treat 83 tons of molten iron.

  2.It is necessary to fill and weigh the spheroidizing agent.Manual labor at half of the night will make workers sleepy and cause operation errors due to fatigue and other factors.Spheroidized cored wire does not need manual filling and weighing process,saving labor cost.

  3.There is a dam at the bottom of the spheroidizer bag.After going through a dozen furnaces,it needs to be handled manually once.It requires half the physical effort and no core wires.

  4.All data of spheroidized core-clad wire feed have been set and need not be changed at any time.Spheroidizing agent requires manual operation and is prone to error.Loss caused by human error is avoided by using spheroidized cored wire.

  5,feeding spheroidizing cored wire is easy to collect dust(in the spheroidizing station for processing smoke,dust is sucked away),the pollution degree is far less than the spheroidizing agent,more in line with the national environmental protection policy.

  6.After spheroidization,the spheroidization degree is high,the roundness of the graphite ball is higher,and the amount of graphite is more.

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  1.The time from spheroidizing core-coated wire to spheroidizing wire shall not exceed 13 minutes.Therefore,compared with the casting time of spheroidizing agent,the control time of spheroidizing core-coated wire is required.

  2.The casting made of spheroidized core-coated wire is prone to pinhole and shrinkage.The cause is high levels of magnesium.Therefore,suitable spheroidized cored wire with magnesium content is selected according to casting production situation.

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