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What are the advantages of seamless titanium wire

2021-09-30 10:18:12

  Add all kinds of metal and nonmetal elements in iron and steel,can create all kinds of different performance,the proportion of titanium is low,only 4.5 g/ml,and high melting point,is 1690℃,easy oxidation,was burned a lot of oxide on the surface of the liquid steel,loss is too big,and not easy to control content and metal manufacture process is complex,and monomer production cost is high,the price is high,and so on,Therefore,it is not suitable to be directly added into liquid steel in the state of pure metal and non-metal monomer.

What are the advantages of seamless titanium wire

  Metallurgical workers for this research make these elements and iron alloy,is called"alloy",alloy of titanium and iron and steel melting point close,specific gravity and steel,and it is not easy oxidation,its production technology and production the pure metal and nonmetal is simple,the production cost is lower than pure monomer of metal and nonmetal,low prices,It is especially suitable for steelmaking and production of various high-tech materials.Therefore ferroalloy has become an important material in steelmaking and new material industry.

  Seamless titanium iron wire is ground with titanium iron alloy powder and then wrapped with steel belt compacting,can be more deeply inserted into the bottom of molten steel,so that the reflection of molten steel more fully,to improve the recovery rate and reduce the cost effect!

What are the advantages of seamless titanium wire

  Seamless titanium wire can reduce the vapor pressure of calcium metal and gasification rate,increase the seamless solid metal conductor inserted depth of steel liquid calcium package and reduce the boiling liquid steel,reduce the time of the metal calcium is absorbed by the molten steel,calcium is not only overcomes the existing joint solid package conductor inserted steel liquid boiling phenomenon,and reduce the calcium powder package conductor hollow or core powder weight disparity phenomenon affecting thread feeding,The harmful elements(S,P,C,Si)in the powder calcium core-coated wire are avoided,so the recovery rate and stability of calcium metal are greatly improved.Core-clad wire has uniform diameter,high tensile strength,good toughness,not easy to break and other advantages,which is more conducive to accurate control of wire feeding quantity.Compact core wire and tightly wrapped,can be stored for a longer time to ensure the use of the effect!

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