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Boron iron line what advantages

2021-10-06 10:11:11

  With the development of modern science and technology,the iron and steel industry as the"skeleton"of the national industry,its position is more and more important.And with the modernization of machinery,aerospace and ship mooring,the quality requirements of steel are more strict,which is one of the effective ways to improve the quality of steel on the line of carbon desulfurization,the role of boron iron line shows.

Boron wire

  Boron wire is very useful in steelmaking and cast iron,because it has great flexibility,we can make different boron wire according to different alloys.In the production of cast iron,the use of boron iron wire desulfurization of molten iron,spheroidization and inoculation in the foundry is increasing,the speed of expansion is getting faster and faster.In Germany,which uses boron iron wire to produce nodular iron,for example,the country only needs one foundry to use seamless pure calcium cored wire method to produce nodular iron at the end of 1989,and by 2002,56 factories(about 32%of its nodular iron factory)replaced the original insertion method,pressure and magnesium method with seamless pure calcium cored wire technology.It is the policy sought by steel mills and foundries all over the world to produce high quality products at low cost.The practice including our country has proved that core-wrapped wire technology is playing a greater role in many aspects of molten steel and hot iron treatment in the world today.

Boron wire

  The appearance of titanium is similar to that of steel,with a density of 4.51 g/cm 3,less than 60%of steel.It is a metal element with low density in refractory metals.

  Titanium is very stable in air at room temperature.When heated to 400~550℃,a solid oxide film is formed on the surface to prevent further oxidation.Titanium absorption of oxygen,nitrogen,hydrogen is very strong,this kind of gas is very harmful to the metal titanium impurities,even if the content is very small(0.01%~0.005%)can also seriously affect its mechanical properties.

  The mechanical properties of titanium,known as mechanical properties,are closely related to purity.High purity titanium has excellent machining performance,good elongation and reduction of section,but low strength,not suitable for structural materials.Industrial pure titanium contains proper amount of impurities,has high strength and plasticity,suitable for making structural materials.

  Titanium dioxide(TiO2)has practical value in titanium compounds.Ti02 is inert and non-toxic to human body.It has a series of excellent optical properties.Ti02 is opaque,high gloss and whiteness,refractive index and scattering force,strong hiding power,good dispersion,made of pigment for white powder,commonly known as titanium white,widely used.

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