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Seamless calcium wire using method of Dopp alloy

2021-10-11 10:10:58

  Seamless calcium wire is a solution for adding calcium to molten steel.It is a kind of solid calcium cored wire,through and specialized manufacturing process.Therefore,the solid calcium in the seamless steel strip can be deeply fed into the molten steel through ordinary wire feeding equipment,establishing a reliable and repeatable industry standard.

Seamless calcium wire using method of Dopp alloy

  High calcium wire can be fed from the surface into molten steel using ordinary surface wire feeding equipment,without the need for expensive wire feeding guns or other similar equipment.

  40%-50%repeatable calcium recovery(depending on configuration)significantly reduces molten steel surface spatter and improves ladle clearance utilization.

  Excellent results have been obtained in all kinds of steel.

  There is a main commodity in our ferroalloy industry,that is seamless pure calcium core-wrapped wire www.hndphj.com,everyone in the seamless pure calcium core-wrapped wire for this commodity,understand at the same time will certainly know seamless pure core-wrapped wire feeding technology common sense,so for seamless pure calcium core-wrapped wire feeding technology common sense we understand how much?Pure calcium silicon calcium seamless package brief feed line method of core equipment,quick operation,cover an area of an area small,less investment,safe and reliable,low processing process,no smoke,temperature drop small(5~7℃),liquid steel suction quantity is little,do not need to cost the refractory material and carrier gas,alloy absorption rate is high,is deoxidization,desulphurization and alloy fine-tuning and manipulation of the inclusions in the shape of a effective method of simple briefing outside the furnace.

Seamless calcium wire using method of Dopp alloy

  Compared with the massive material input method,the wire feeding method has the characteristics of higher recovery rate,higher precision hit rate,and suitable for microconditioning of alloy elements in steel.

  Compared with dusting method,the advantages of line feeding method:

  1.It causes much less stirring of liquid steel than dusting,reducing spatter and liquid steel suction.

  2,the temperature loss is reduced by 3~6 times,about 5~7℃/min.

  3,can accurately adjust the chemical composition of liquid steel.

  4.The shape of inclusions can be completely improved by adding appropriate CA-Si according to the content of aluminum and sulfur.

  5,capital and operating costs are low.

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