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Ferrophosphorus (symbiotic compound containing 20-26% phosphorus and 0.1-6% silicon) also contains impurities such as silicon, manganese, carbon and sulfur. It is divided into fep24 (p23-25), fep21 (p20-23), fep18 (p17-20) and fepl6 (p15 ~ 17) according to the phosphorus content.

It is mainly used as alloying agent and deoxidizer for special steel in metallurgical industry.

① In general steel products, phosphorus is a harmful component, but in some special products, the addition of phosphorus can improve the strength, corrosion resistance and machinability of steel and increase the brittleness of steel.

② Adding phosphorus to cast iron can improve the fluidity of molten iron, so as to improve the properties and surface quality of castings.

③ The tensile strength of gray cast iron can be improved by containing 0.5% phosphorus.

④ The wear resistance of wear-resistant cast iron can be significantly improved by containing about 0.15% phosphorus.


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